Summer Day Camp June 17 - August 16

Rates and Other Camp Info

  • Camper Family Weekday Pool Passes included if you sign up for both sessions
  • Meal Plan included if you sign up for a complete Session
  • May attend individual  weeks
  • Session 1 runs June 17 - July 12
  • Session 2 runs July 22 - Aug 16
  • No camp, 4th of July or July 15-18

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Team Sports


Most Popular

Soccer, Wiffleball, Kickball, Gaga, Ultimate Frizbee, Dodge ball...


Campers will learn fair play, team effort and just the pure fun of a game.

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Morning Swim Meets

Most mornings, all Campers will compete in swim races.  Teams will compete in relay and/or individual races, competing in various strokes. Increasing their endurance and improving their swimming skill level. Beginner swimmers will race the short length of the pool in the shallow water.

Afternoon Free Swim

All campers will have free swim in which they will be able to relax and play in the pool area. The 80,000 gallon main pool for swimming & splashing. Face the challenge of the Gator pool -holding onto the cargo net above them while balancing on the lily pads & gators below them. Take a whirl down the 150' triple loop water slide. Smaller campers can enjoy sliding down the giant frogs tongue or playing under the waterfalls of the 10' tall mushroom.

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Racket Sports - Hand-Eye



Campers will learn the basics of Tennis: the grips, the strokes and scoring. They will play round robins, tournaments, around the world and even tennis baseball.


"The fastest growing sport in America" and a bit easier to learn, the balls are lighter, the courts & rackets smaller, a perfect stepping stone to teach anyone how to play a racket sport.

Table Tennis

A basement favorite and a great tool for improving hand-eye coordination.

Platform Tennis

For the older campers with a real feel for the racket, this sport combines both tennis & racquetball skills. The game is played in the "cage" and the balls are still in play after they ricochet off the walls.

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Snacks & Lunch - $35/week

Morning Snack - 10:15 am


Cookies, munchkins, cheese & crackers ...

Lunch - Noon


Mon - Pizza

Tue - Hot Dog

Wed - Chicken Nuggets

Thur - Corn Dog

Fri - Pizza

Served with chips and soft drink

PBJ always for seconds

Afternoon Snack - 3 pm


Freeze pops, popcorn, sno-balls, crackers ...